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Moganshan Lu 50 Terrace

…..Much has changed since I went the last time to Moganshan Lu 50, a nice art quarter (many galleries)in Shanghai. They even have a cafe with terrace now.

Shanghai Expats on Terrace

..While having lunch in Paul’s, one of the better bakeries in Shanghai, I realized almost all guests were expats enjoying the sun, their coffee and their baguette. A…

Hair Dresser Towels

…..Each street has plenty of hair dressers. And they most of them dry the wet towels outside, just like the laundry.

Matt Brubeck in Shanghai

…..Matt Brubeck (son of David Brubeck) played his cello together with David Braid‘s piano. It was a great Jazz show. You can find the tracks of their cd…

What Are These

….They are on the roof as you can see and I have no idea what they have been used for, or maybe are still used for. Let me…

Waiting Bikes

Waiting in front of the traffic light. Picture taken from taxi

Rabbit As Living Art

Living art in the Ju’Roshine Life Art Space (169 Jinxian Lu, near Maoming Lu) You can pay one Renminbi to feed the rabbit

Shanghai Roof Gardens

…..On top of the Plant Shop in Changhua Lu / Kanding Lu a small roofgarden.

Chinese Chicks

…..Last evening the 8 year old son of our friends showed me his chicks he bought in a park. They were cute, noisy and he wanted to see…

Gallery Opening Shanghai

While having dinner at the best Yunnan restaurant in Shanghai, being the Southern Barbarian, we noticed that next to us a Shanghai gallery was opening its exhibition. After…