Take a Nap

The art of being able to sleep anytime anywhere. I’m still learning myself

Contraceptives Social Marketing

Anything can be Social Marketed

Starbucks China Cat Paw Cup – We Have One

Someone in our family was gifted this. Read more

Boxing Emoji

A soon-to-be-opened gym on Xikang Lu shows of their attitude.

Superman’s Underpants in an Ad

I wonder from which image they took the super underpants. An ad in our elevator. Ugly.

Shopping Mall Decoration

Hanging from the ceiling.

What Time Is It

Cleaning the watch to make time stand out.

GE Intelligent Certificate of Completion

Taken in a print shop. Which letter is missing.

Shanghai Ringroad View

A view from the taxi, while driving on the ring road.

Truck f1 race shanghai

Concrete Trucks Race

The Concrete Trucks are ready to go. Who will win once the traffic light turns green?