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Superman’s Underpants in an Ad

I wonder from which image they took the super underpants. An ad in our elevator. Ugly.

What Time Is It

Cleaning the watch to make time stand out.

Exterior Shop Signs Getting Standardized

….On Xikang Lu the exterior shop signs have been standardized, mostly size-wise. It looks kind of nice.

Civilizing Jing An

Slogan from the Jing An (a district in Shanghai) government to civilize.

Jing An Temple Advertising

………..On the 1st and 15th of the Lunar month the Jing An Temple (and probably many other Buddhist temples) don’t charge admission. When you walk up the stairs…

Big Bottle of Coke

….In case you’re thirsty.

International Shanghai Channel(ICS) Launched

…The Shanghai Media Group has launched a new tv channel, aimed at foreigners. It’s appropriately named, International Channel Shanghai. Having seen tidbits of their programs in the last…

Haibao Mascot

The World Expo 2010 in Shanghai recently unveiled their mascot. It’s a cross between Sponge Bob and whatever other cartoon character you can imagine.

Magazine Billboards

Advertisements for some of the zillions of magazines on sale.

Breast Cancer Ads

Advertisement for the awareness of breast cancer.