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Shanghai Ringroad View

A view from the taxi, while driving on the ring road.

Truck f1 race shanghai

Concrete Trucks Race

The Concrete Trucks are ready to go. Who will win once the traffic light turns green?

Roller coaster Highway

…..I could imagine myself being in a roller coaster up there….

Waiting Bikes

Waiting in front of the traffic light. Picture taken from taxi

New Traffic Light

Installing a new traffic light takes a lot of people.

Truck Driver

Waiting in front of the traffic light I looked up and snapped a pic.

Family Business

There are high end cars, there are tricycles and there are couples that do the real hard work.

Cyclist Square Head

…Don’t ask me how I did it, but the head of this cyclist became square

Strech Limousine Warped

……A stretched limousine passing a bus. Rather blurred but traffic was fast

Shanghai Traffic Blur

People on their way to somewhere.