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Take a Nap

The art of being able to sleep anytime anywhere. I’m still learning myself

Three on a Row

…Optimized use of transportation. The men all seem to have noticed something.

Cotton Spin on the Back of a Bicycle

….on the back of a bicycle a cotton spin is made

Tricycle Laundry

….He was riding in front of me and I wanted to get a shot up-close but then the tricycle turned into the small alley.

Water Tricycle

They bring the most important ingredient of life to the doorsteps of the Shanghainese households.

Bicycle Repair Shop

…..It only takes a chair, a bicycle pump and some tires to set up business on the street.

Mixed Goods Tricycle

Bags and what not on this one.

Yang Cheng Lake Part 4

……And being a fan of everything on three wheels, I was happy to see this motorized tricycle with chickens on the backseat.

Big Bags on a Bike

….The size of the bags is amazing. I have no clue what’s in it. What do you think?

Sleeping in Tricycle

Taking a nap while the traffic and noise continues and the streets are swept.