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Shanghai Spring Reminder

Shanghai Spring Reminder

It’s cold again today but soon it will be like this, I hope

Jade Buddha Temple Street

…….in front of the main entrance the street is donned with shops selling all kinds of Buddha related goods, ranging from incense to shoes and of course, small…

Lotus for Sale in Jade Buddha Monastery

…..not sure to be honest whether these lotuses are made from plastic or maybe from wax.

Final Destination Incense

…….lots of incense ends up here. There are a couple of these in the Jade Buddha Monastery.

Buddha Wall

……….A wall full of Buddhas

Carps in Jade Buddha Monastery

Red, orange, yellow, white carps swimming in a small pond that’s part of the Jade Buddha Monastery

Shanghai Yangpu Bend

Yesterday it was Pudong, today you can see the bend of the Yangpu river with on the right side the Bund.

Pudong View

Every now and then I scale high buildings and have the chance to make pictures. Have a look at Pudong, the new and east part of Shanghai.

Hyatt on the Bund Terrace

Taken from the terrace on top of the Hyatt on the Bund. Next time we’ll take our swimming truncks.

Palm Tree Paradise

……….On the corner of a street I found this small palm tree paradise.