Category: Shanghai Streets

Boxing Emoji

A soon-to-be-opened gym on Xikang Lu shows of their attitude.

Romans in Shanghai

………….an utterly awful imitation of a Roman structure on the corner of a street, won’t tell you where:)

Red Street Lampions

…Red Lampions coloring the street.

Fuxing Lu – The Villa

…Old villas that seem to be occupied by several Shanghainese families. This is the end of the Fuxing Lu series. Sometime in the future when I’ll add another…

Fuxing Lu – Marrakech

…A small blue door with opening times for more than one timezone. I haven’t eaten there yet but I will try it one day.

Fuxing Lu – The Apartment 2

…..Nice apartment buildings. I wouldn’t mind having some square metres there.

Fuxing Lu – Chartres Garden

At the corner of Fuxing Lu/Huashan Lu you have Chartres Garden, a Cafe/Restaurant. A good place to idle away with some tea, a pot of lemon tea will…

Fuxing Lu – The Barracks

……A part of the right side of the street, from where I was walking, is used for building something new. What it is, I don’t know but I…

Fuxing Lu – The Apartments

…..An apartment complex, looks a bit Spanish but what do I know.

Fuxing Lu – The Street

…This week is Fuxing Lu week. Every now and then I’ll walk a street and make random pictures. Fuxing Lu is the Old French Concession. Villa’s with huge…