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Roasting Peanuts Shanghai the sidewalk, in his own world, roasting some peanuts

Chinese Sugar Figurines

….Sugar Figurines made to order

Chinese Bingtang

…Outside of Heping (Peace) Park in Hongkou district a girl sells traditional Chinese candy, called bingtang. It’s caramelized fruits on skewers.

Morning Exercises

…..In the early morning the staff of this restaurant are doing their exercises.

Yang Cheng Lake Part 3

….Some are selling eggs instead and are a bit tired.

Yang Cheng Lake Part 2

…You can eat them in the restaurants or buy them from the so called “crab” farmers

Yang Cheng Lake Part 1

…….On the outskirts of Shanghai, or as some will say, close to Suzhou there’s the famous Yang Cheng Lake. Famous for it’s hairy crabs. They say they’re the…

Hairy Crab – The Aftermath

Eating the hairy crab can be a slight hassle but the taste is worth it.

Small Restaurant, Very Good Hairy Crab

The second floor of a very small hairy crab restaurant on Julu Lu/Ruijin Lu were prices are good. 50 Rmb for one crab.

A Hairy Crab – Before

…..It’s still hairy crab season and here’s a lonesome one.