Category: Shanghai Laundry

Hair Dresser Towels

…..Each street has plenty of hair dressers. And they most of them dry the wet towels outside, just like the laundry.

Laundry Car Sign

Loop up! No, you won’t see a car, you’ll get your Shanghai laundry fix. ….I know, the title doesn’t make much sense:).

Time for Laundry

…….Time for some more laundry, it’s my favorite part of the street.

Laundry on Xinzha Lu

Nothing more makes me feeling back at home when I see laundry in the streets. The holiday is over and Shanghai Daily Photos resumes.

A Big Clothespin

…..Big laundry needs big clothespins that can fit around the pole.

Fresh Quilt Covers

Quilt covers getting some fresh air

Waiting in front of Laundry

One of my favorites is Shanghai is laundry. It gives color to the streets.