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Shopping Mall Decoration

Hanging from the ceiling.

Second-floor is Closed

The 24hrs shop is still open, the second floor is out of business.

Bamboo Scaffolding Babylon

……… Bamboo Scaffolding, in this case to fix up some buildings instead of demolishing them. The workers play their part in the tower.

Cite Bourgogne

……..A French quarter called Cite Bourgogne. Maybe they have some good wine inside.

Shanghai Exhibition Hall Framed

…..The Shanghai Exhibition Hall ,a Russian relic, seen through a frame and at the same time framed.

Shanghai Heritage Architecture

Heritage is getting more attention than before. These signs tell you a bit more about the building, the age and the style.

Looking Up To

Looking up I realized the immenseness of the buildings in Shanghai.

Shanghai Changes Taixing Lu – 5

…It had been already 2 months and something since we last walked on our old road. Since then the street has changed a lot, the front buildings have…

Shanghai Building Definitely Gone

…and when I came back the building was now a pile of rubble.

Shanghai Building Almost Gone

….Before I left I noticed that the building on the corner of Nanjing Lu/Changle Lu, that previously housed the Standard Chartered Bank, was up for demolition.