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Bike Repair

Not the sharpest shot I know but it gives an idea on what’s happening on the corners of Shanghai streets

Just a street scene

…It’s national holiday and these times are some of the best as surprisingly it’s not that busy.

Subway 211

Line 2, station Jiangsu Rd, going to Nanjing West Rd.

Subway Screens

Subway screens have the time till the next metro arrives, they show short movies and in between some propaganda is shown as well. But I’ll leave that last…

Truck with Load

Playing around with Paintshop is kind of fun. This picture is taken near one of the ring roads.

On a Tricycle

Walking behind the tricycle I couldn’t pass on snapping a pic. In a sense he made it easy as he was cycling the sidewalk. A common thing here.

Several Layers of Traffic

You get used to the huge highways, flyovers etc but sometimes you realize how intense and immense they are compared to, for instance, Europe.

Parked Bikes Shanghai

Bikes are parked everywhere in Shanghai at specific designated bike parking areas with a special bike attendant that keeps an eye on the bikes. I guess this is…

Maglev Top Speed

Yesterday, after some time, took once again the Maglev. (It takes you to Pudong Airport) The top speed is 430 as seen on the pic. It’s always a…

Waiting for Load

He was waiting there for at least 10 minutes, maybe waiting for a load, maybe just taking a rest.