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Make Up Room in Pasti

Taken in the bathroom of restaurant Pasti on Beijing Lu. Where do guys have to go to talk about the cute lady or have some privacy?

Blurred Biker

Just passing by on the way to an appointment.

Rain and Thunder in Shanghai

After a nice swim the rain has started poring even harder. I stay inside today.

Bike With Clothes Hangers

The variety of goods that can be transported never stops amazing me.

Construction Bird View

Normally I observe construction from the sidewalk but every now and then I have the chance to go higher and see it from a different perspective.

Airport Bus Advertising

On the way to the airport we took the bus this time. Even there one is bombarded with a screen full of commercials.

Well Intended Chinglish

The notice in the subway is well intended, the software program they used for the translation needs improvement.

Xintiandi – A World Apart

Xinitiandi is an imitation of old Shanghai, aimed at tourists that like to overpay. And when Strolled their I noticed they even have their own street furniture. Still,…

On a Tricycle

Walking behind the tricycle I couldn’t pass on snapping a pic. In a sense he made it easy as he was cycling the sidewalk. A common thing here.

French Bakery Paul

Shanghai is a city of contradictions. On the one hand laundry hanging in the streets like it has been for a century, on the other an influx of…