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Several Layers of Traffic

You get used to the huge highways, flyovers etc but sometimes you realize how intense and immense they are compared to, for instance, Europe.

A Nap in Ikea

We went today again, to get inspiration and ideas for our new apartment. Besides the restaurant which I mentioned yesterday, and besides buying, Ikea is also a great…

Ikea Shanghai

In Holland I went there to buy stuff for my student room. In China Ikea has branded itself as high-end. They have a nice restaurant with cheap food….

Dutch Clouds in Shanghai

…..It was a beautiful evening and the clouds reminded me of Holland.

Protected Buildings in Shanghai

Although a lot of buildings are taken down to make place for big and mostly ugly sky scrapers, the local government is starting to realize (slowly) that it…

State Banquet Beverage

….. I was thirsty and bought this coconut juice in the supermarket. When I had a closer look I read it advertised itself as a state banquet beverage….

Parked Bikes Shanghai

Bikes are parked everywhere in Shanghai at specific designated bike parking areas with a special bike attendant that keeps an eye on the bikes. I guess this is…

Drugstore Cialis Advertisement

…. I wanted to make a picture of their previous ad in the window which mentioned to be aware of fake viagra. Now Cialis seems to have paid…

Rain Streets and Traffic Lights

The weather is changing from hot and sunny to lightning and rain.

The Cola Test

Spot the difference. One is the real thing, the other is Taiwanese version that is produced under license in the Mainland.