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Post Office Disorder

Walking into the post office to pick up a package we noticed it wasn’t that organized. Packages everywhere and if there was a system, it must have been…

A Refreshing Nap

…The weather is nice so a good time for a refreshing nap.

Fishing Mini Pond

…..the Peace Park, Yangpu district, one can do all sorts of activities. Here you can fish for a small fee.

Chinese Birthday Cake

……We were at the birthday party for the one-year-old of our friends. Between the leftover dishes a big cake was planted. Chinese birthday cakes are a bit different…

Teddy Bears for Sale

……If you’re in for some cuddly bear, there’s choice enough

Xujia Hui Olympics

…2008 is the year of the Olympics in China and it’s also a a leap year.

A Nap in the Street

…Everybody needs it, a moment for themselves.

Snow in Shanghai

….When we got back there was still a bit of snow left for us to see. Now it has already gone for some days.

Meat and Laundry

Hanging laundry is one thing, hanging meat next to it is another but I’m sure it will improve the taste:)

Fragrant Paper

Fragrant paper for sale. Don’t the know the price as I forgot to ask.