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Green Plant

………..The plant is already with us for some time and I still don’t know the name. Do you know the name? It’s a great plant as it stays…

Plastic Bags

…….Since June plastic bags are not free anymore. They cost now between 1 mao and bakery Paul even charges 1 renminbi (they say that a big part will…

Black and White Internet

…..The earthquake in Sichuan has devastated many lives, the internet (Chinese websites) is in black and white to mourn. A picture of the home pages of the main…

Shanghai Expats on Terrace

..While having lunch in Paul’s, one of the better bakeries in Shanghai, I realized almost all guests were expats enjoying the sun, their coffee and their baguette. A…

Shanghai Roof Gardens

…..On top of the Plant Shop in Changhua Lu / Kanding Lu a small roofgarden.

Chinese Chicks

…..Last evening the 8 year old son of our friends showed me his chicks he bought in a park. They were cute, noisy and he wanted to see…

Plant Shop

Shanghai has many small markets. Sometimes they are hidden and only when you walk into a small alley you suddenly find a small bird and flower market. Location…

Riding in the Dog

…..You find them in front of some convenience stores. Sometimes there’s a mother watching her child rocking away. Most of the time they are lonely.

Shanghai Spring is in the Air

….The city gets more color as the flowers and plants show their beauty.

Reading The Newspaper

Walking, shopping and reading the newspaper.