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Big Bottle of Coke

….In case you’re thirsty.

Shanghai Changes Taixing Lu – 5

…It had been already 2 months and something since we last walked on our old road. Since then the street has changed a lot, the front buildings have…

Post Office Disorder

Walking into the post office to pick up a package we noticed it wasn’t that organized. Packages everywhere and if there was a system, it must have been…

Talking Girl

…What does a Talking Girl talk about? And do they have non-talking girls as well?

A Refreshing Nap

…The weather is nice so a good time for a refreshing nap.

Fishing Mini Pond

…..the Peace Park, Yangpu district, one can do all sorts of activities. Here you can fish for a small fee.

Chinese Birthday Cake

……We were at the birthday party for the one-year-old of our friends. Between the leftover dishes a big cake was planted. Chinese birthday cakes are a bit different…

Time for Laundry

…….Time for some more laundry, it’s my favorite part of the street.

You Can Cigar

The meaning of – to cigar – is?

Teddy Bears for Sale

……If you’re in for some cuddly bear, there’s choice enough