Month: March 2010

GE Intelligent Certificate of Completion

Taken in a print shop. Which letter is missing.

Shanghai Ringroad View

A view from the taxi, while driving on the ring road.

Truck f1 race shanghai

Concrete Trucks Race

The Concrete Trucks are ready to go. Who will win once the traffic light turns green?

Shanghai Spring Reminder

Shanghai Spring Reminder

It’s cold again today but soon it will be like this, I hope

Second-floor is Closed

The 24hrs shop is still open, the second floor is out of business.

Roller coaster Highway

…..I could imagine myself being in a roller coaster up there….

Roasting Peanuts Shanghai the sidewalk, in his own world, roasting some peanuts

Bamboo Scaffolding Babylon

……… Bamboo Scaffolding, in this case to fix up some buildings instead of demolishing them. The workers play their part in the tower.