Month: February 2008

Xujia Hui Olympics

…2008 is the year of the Olympics in China and it’s also a a leap year.

A Nap in the Street

…Everybody needs it, a moment for themselves.

Snow in Shanghai

….When we got back there was still a bit of snow left for us to see. Now it has already gone for some days.

Buzz the Waitress

…It’s a nifty tool if you don’t get the attention from the waitress. You push the button and you hear a buzzing going around the restaurant. In this…

Throw the Paper to the Garbage Can

…I tried it and it was fun.

Shanghai Building Definitely Gone

…and when I came back the building was now a pile of rubble.

Shanghai Building Almost Gone

….Before I left I noticed that the building on the corner of Nanjing Lu/Changle Lu, that previously housed the Standard Chartered Bank, was up for demolition.

Laundry on Xinzha Lu

Nothing more makes me feeling back at home when I see laundry in the streets. The holiday is over and Shanghai Daily Photos resumes.