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Shopping Trolley

….An old lady finished her shopping and is probably going home

Sunday October 28th, 2007 in Shanghai Life | Comments Off on Shopping Trolley

Building a Wall

The construction worker is building, like they’re building everywhere in the city

Saturday October 27th, 2007 in Shanghai Buildings | Comments Off on Building a Wall

Strech Limousine Warped

……A stretched limousine passing a bus. Rather blurred but traffic was fast

Friday October 26th, 2007 in Shanghai Traffic | Comments Off on Strech Limousine Warped

Uninterested Pedestrian

The sales lady looks up from her place at the pavement, the girl tries her best to ignore her.

Thursday October 25th, 2007 in Shanghai Varia | Comments Off on Uninterested Pedestrian

Shanghai Traffic Blur

People on their way to somewhere.

Wednesday October 24th, 2007 in Shanghai Traffic | Comments Off on Shanghai Traffic Blur

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