Month: January 2009

Chinese Bingtang

…Outside of Heping (Peace) Park in Hongkou district a girl sells traditional Chinese candy, called bingtang. It’s caramelized fruits on skewers.

The Ox at the Escalator

…and even on the escalator

The Ox at the entrance

….The ox at the entrance

The Ox Window

…The ox on the window

The Ox Lamp

….The ox is everywhere in Nanjing Xi Lu

New Year’s Drum

…..An immense drum in front of Plaza 66

Year of the Ox

…..The Year of the Ox has started. Happy New Year

Moganshan Villas

Moganshan used to be a resort for expats living in the beginning of the last century. Later on it became the retreat of Chiang Kai Shek and his…

Moganshan Chicken

The best chicken to eat is fresh chicken. And fresher than the one on this pic is not possible.

Moganshan Nature

Sometime ago I went to Moganshan. A small mountain near Hangzhou to idle away some time. Fresh air, green leaves.