Month: August 2008

Olympic Tickets Shanghai

……We visited 2 games, including the Olympic football semi-final Brazil – Belgium. I may have a picture of Ronaldinho later on but have to get that one out…

Red Yellow Flowers

…..Just some flowers we bought recently. As in my previous post about the “dracaena sanderiana” also know as Lucky Bamboo (Thanks to my readers I know this now:)…

Shanghai Yangpu Bend

Yesterday it was Pudong, today you can see the bend of the Yangpu river with on the right side the Bund.

Pudong View

Every now and then I scale high buildings and have the chance to make pictures. Have a look at Pudong, the new and east part of Shanghai.

Green Plant

………..The plant is already with us for some time and I still don’t know the name. Do you know the name? It’s a great plant as it stays…

Shanghai Window Cleaners Back on Earth

Shanghai Window Cleaner Hanging

Mirrored Window Cleaners

Shanghai Window Cleaners – 1

Shanghai window cleaners fascinate me. The way they do their job, high in the sky, attached by a rope to security, all to make sure their clients views…