Month: May 2008

Sex Health Protection Monopoly

………….Just another monopoly.

Colorful Bird Visits Me

Suddenly he arrived and sat in front of the window. She/He must have escaped from somewhere I guess as I can’t recall these birds are indigenous to Shanghai

Black and White Internet

…..The earthquake in Sichuan has devastated many lives, the internet (Chinese websites) is in black and white to mourn. A picture of the home pages of the main…

Shanghai Exhibition Hall Framed

…..The Shanghai Exhibition Hall ,a Russian relic, seen through a frame and at the same time framed.

Tricycle Laundry

….He was riding in front of me and I wanted to get a shot up-close but then the tricycle turned into the small alley.

Shanghai Heritage Architecture

Heritage is getting more attention than before. These signs tell you a bit more about the building, the age and the style.

Exterior Shop Signs Getting Standardized

….On Xikang Lu the exterior shop signs have been standardized, mostly size-wise. It looks kind of nice.

Element Fresh Dots

Yesterday spend some time on the terrace. This time of year the weather is the best, spring weather. Soon it will be hot.

Living on the Roof

…..Not the sharpest picture, I know. The man on the roof seems to be living in one of the small sheds on the left.

Looking Up To

Looking up I realized the immenseness of the buildings in Shanghai.