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Fresh Quilt Covers

Quilt covers getting some fresh air

Truck Driver

Waiting in front of the traffic light I looked up and snapped a pic.

Toys and Flowers

Look how cute, flowers with bears

Waiting in front of Laundry

One of my favorites is Shanghai is laundry. It gives color to the streets.

Huang Baoyue Wrote for Ci Xiao Cun

…..If you want to find who wrote what, go to Xinzha Lu in Shanghai

Jing An Cultural Celebrity Tour

…..The Jing An District has some hidden cultural gems and they have made a nice and subtle effort to point them out. You find these signs next to…

Family Business

There are high end cars, there are tricycles and there are couples that do the real hard work.

Cyclist Square Head

…Don’t ask me how I did it, but the head of this cyclist became square

In a Hurry

She’s walking fast. Where she’s going to I don’t know.

Fitting the Window Frame

…..And the new window has to be fitted in a new frame. Tonight they’re supposed to install the glass as well.