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Subway Advertising

…..In the series advertising some more Subway advertising. There are not many spots left unused.

Red Terrace Umbrella

Sitting under an umbrella in the night

Lonely Gardener

Sitting on the lawn and cutting one sprig at the time it seems. He’ll be busy for some time.

Starbucks Mooncakes

… An important part of the mid-autumn festival are the moon cakes. They are given to friends, families and business relationships. They also get more extravagant every year….

The Moon of the Mid Autumn Festival

The moon was round and bright.

Cooking Meat

We picked up meat in the market and let it soak for some time before we boiled it. It may not look tasty but once served it was…

The Knife sharpener and the Tinsmith

The end of the series of two men doing a job that probably in 10 or more years won’t exist anymore in the centre of Shanghai. Jobs that…

The Tin Smith – Part 3

His tools and material.

The Tin Smith – Part 2

Cutting the pan. Later he used his hammer to straighten the bumps. I heard the sound all day and it was nicer than hearing cars.

The Tinsmith – Part 1

Next to the knife sharpener was the tinsmith. It doesn’t happen you them in the streets, let alone together (that picture will follow later) Old ladies came with…