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Subway Advertising

…..In the series advertising some more Subway advertising. There are not many spots left unused.

Sunday September 30th, 2007 in Shanghai Advertising | Comments Off on Subway Advertising

Red Terrace Umbrella

Sitting under an umbrella in the night

Friday September 28th, 2007 in Shanghai Varia | Comments Off on Red Terrace Umbrella

Lonely Gardener

Sitting on the lawn and cutting one sprig at the time it seems. He’ll be busy for some time.

Thursday September 27th, 2007 in Shanghai Varia | Comments Off on Lonely Gardener

Starbucks Mooncakes

… An important part of the mid-autumn festival are the moon cakes. They are given to friends, families and business relationships. They also get more extravagant every year. These moon cakes are from Starbucks. We had a coupon but otherwise it would have set you back 198 Rmb.

Wednesday September 26th, 2007 in Shanghai Food | Comments Off on Starbucks Mooncakes

The Moon of the Mid Autumn Festival

The moon was round and bright.

Tuesday September 25th, 2007 in Shanghai Life | Comments Off on The Moon of the Mid Autumn Festival

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