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Drinks in the Evening

Near Huaihai Lu, on the terrace of Element Fresh. It’s hot and cold drinks are needed.

Older Ladies Strolling in Yuyuan

Two ladies, hand in hand strolling in Yuyuan and observing all.

Dating By Shanghai Parents

In Peoples Park, in the centre of Shanghai, parents gather in search for a beau or belle for their child. They carry with them pictures, a sheet with…

Century Park Shanghai

Taken in Pudong (on the east side of the river) in Century Park. One of the few places in Shanghai you can get lost in nature.

Painters in Shanghai Streets

… Comments will follow…

Moon in Shanghai

…. I can’t even remember when it was the last time I saw a moon in Shanghai. Clouds and pollution are always in a bitter fight with her….

Even More Laundry

I have laundry week as it laundry what makes me love this city.

Shanghai Laundry

Although Shanghai is one of the top international cities these days there are luckily still a lot of examples of ordinary daily life. Laundry hanging outside of the…

Michelin on the Bus

Advertising is Wild West in China. It’s intriguing as well as tiring at times. Wherever you go, inside or outside, you will be confronted with advertising. Hence, the…

What is He Doing?

And I don’t have the answer. It was taken in the courtyard of a Guizhou restaurant were we had dinner.