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Uninterested Pedestrian

The sales lady looks up from her place at the pavement, the girl tries her best to ignore her.

A Palm Tree

…A rare sight. A palm tree which had an electrical breakdown

Last Day Special Olympics

Today is the last day of the Special Olympics in Shanghai

Red Terrace Umbrella

Sitting under an umbrella in the night

Lonely Gardener

Sitting on the lawn and cutting one sprig at the time it seems. He’ll be busy for some time.

Glamour Bar Balcony

Taken form the balcony of the Glamour bar on the Bund.

Scrabble High Up

Playing scrabble is one of my favorite games, playing it high in the sky while having some good food is even better.

Xintiandi – A World Apart

Xinitiandi is an imitation of old Shanghai, aimed at tourists that like to overpay. And when Strolled their I noticed they even have their own street furniture. Still,…

Dutch Clouds in Shanghai

…..It was a beautiful evening and the clouds reminded me of Holland.

Rain Streets and Traffic Lights

The weather is changing from hot and sunny to lightning and rain.