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Bicycle Street Art

……A big piece of Bicycle art on Nanjing Lu

View from Pudong

This is what you see when sitting in the Starbucks. The Waitan, (the Bund) in it’s full glory.

Huang Baoyue Wrote for Ci Xiao Cun

…..If you want to find who wrote what, go to Xinzha Lu in Shanghai

Jing An Cultural Celebrity Tour

…..The Jing An District has some hidden cultural gems and they have made a nice and subtle effort to point them out. You find these signs next to…

Wishes in Confucius Temple

Located in the tourist trap Yuyuan is the lovely Confucius Temple. You can hang your wishes in the tree.

Century Park Shanghai

Taken in Pudong (on the east side of the river) in Century Park. One of the few places in Shanghai you can get lost in nature.

Confucius Temple Entrance

The entrance to the Confucius temple.