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Starbucks Mooncakes

… An important part of the mid-autumn festival are the moon cakes. They are given to friends, families and business relationships. They also get more extravagant every year….

Cooking Meat

We picked up meat in the market and let it soak for some time before we boiled it. It may not look tasty but once served it was…

Coriander – My Favorite Herb in the Chinese Kitchen

Before coming to China I can’t recall eating a lot of coriander. Since I first tasted it, I can’t imagine cooking without it.

Lunch in Ajisen Ramen

Ajisen Ramen has branches everywhere in Shanghai. Good, well-priced noodles and rice dishes that make for an excellent lunch

Make Up Room in Pasti

Taken in the bathroom of restaurant Pasti on Beijing Lu. Where do guys have to go to talk about the cute lady or have some privacy?