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Chinese IDN

While waiting for the subway I saw this ad from the China Business Network. Do you notice something. I did, it advertises their domain name but not in…

Subway Advertising

…..In the series advertising some more Subway advertising. There are not many spots left unused.

Airport Bus Advertising

On the way to the airport we took the bus this time. Even there one is bombarded with a screen full of commercials.

State Banquet Beverage

….. I was thirsty and bought this coconut juice in the supermarket. When I had a closer look I read it advertised itself as a state banquet beverage….

Drugstore Cialis Advertisement

…. I wanted to make a picture of their previous ad in the window which mentioned to be aware of fake viagra. Now Cialis seems to have paid…

Michelin on the Bus

Advertising is Wild West in China. It’s intriguing as well as tiring at times. Wherever you go, inside or outside, you will be confronted with advertising. Hence, the…

Real Estate Brand Advertising

Real estate is still very much hot in Shanghai. There’s construction going in within 10 minutes of where ever you start walking. Most projects have an English name…