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Portman Ritz Shanghai Construction

Ongoing construction in the Portman Ritz. When it’s done I follow up.

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights in the Portman Ritz-Carlton that is undergoing renovation work. I wish all readers and Daily Photo Bloggers a Merry Christmas!

Shanghai Changes Taixing Lu – 4

Before we left for our new apartment I took some snapshots of the situation. The new buildings were still mostly empty, the old buildings in front disappeared day…

Shanghai Changes Taixing Lu – 3

…The new buildings are finished, yet empty. The real estate company seems to be speculating on increasing square metre prices. From what I heard they ask for more…

Shanghai Changes Taixing Lu – 2

……….In October 2005 the new buildings were going up fast, the old quarter was still all there.

Shanghai Changes Taixing Lu – 1

Changes happen all the time in Shanghai. Back in 2005,in our previous apartment we saw it happening outside of our window. It started with the construction of 4…

Mixed Goods Tricycle

Bags and what not on this one.

Magazine Billboards

Advertisements for some of the zillions of magazines on sale.

Take My Picture

……….When we were at Yang Cheng Lake I was checking out the hairy crabs that the crab farmers were selling. A young men came up to me and…

Yang Cheng Lake Part 4

……And being a fan of everything on three wheels, I was happy to see this motorized tricycle with chickens on the backseat.